Evolve by Alysa Wolfe
Check out Alysa's debut novel, Evolve. 
After centuries of peace, unrest is rippling through the country right as 21-year-old Kamille is about to take the throne. Kamile struggles with feeling locked away at Evergarden Castle after her mother died in a recent attack that was thought to be meant for her. In her fight for survival, Kamille is assigned a bodyguard, Agent 86, who does not hold back her disdain for what she perceives as a privileged life, and yet an unlikely bond forms. As murmurs of rebellion are growing stronger, Kamille starts to unravel secrets that have shifted her view of love and family. Determined not to be her ancestors, Kamille struggles to break away from her past and the ghosts in the basement that haunt her.  ​​​​​​​
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Evolve has received 5 Stars from Readers' Favorite. Check out the review!
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